Jen Bell

Loan Officer

NMLS# 291215
Tel: (503) 546-8480
Cell: (503) 939-4130
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1325 NW Flanders
Portland, Oregon 97209


Loan officer, ex-naval instructor, horseman—in my world, all of these things take hard work, knowledge, problem solving, perseverance, passion, care, attention to detail, and integrity.

I care about people. I love making something better than it was. It’s important to me to know that the way I make my living makes a difference. This is what motivates me to be a great loan officer for my clients and professional partners for over 12 years.


What am I known for professionally? What do I have a knack for?

I’m not a salesperson. I am a teacher. I love teaching the young or inexperienced how to be confident in stressful times and leading them through the terrain to success. Whether they are first-time home buyers or putting the first rides on a young horse, it’s the same to me. I love opportunities like these, because they will forever be remembered. How you go about it is very important. Not all people realize how important these moments are. I do, which is why I feel so passionate about helping people make the most of them.


What am I passionate about personally? What do I really enjoy? What can’t I stop talking about?

Horsemanship. I study year-round in my free time. I watch videos, I read blogs, and I attend horse clinics with my horses to learn from my mentors. I am obsessed with talking about horses. 


Where can you find me when I’m not working? What’s my favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?

I’m likely on a riding lawn mower, a tractor, a horse, or just hanging out at my ranch in Sandy, Oregon. On the weekends, I rarely come into town and enjoy taking time off to replenish my soul. The intensity of the finance industry can at times be very stressful. I have learned that it’s important to take time to myself in order to be at my very best during the week. 


I appreciate you taking the time to read about me. I would love for you to email or call me if you have any mortgage related questions. 


-Jen Bell









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